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Web Design Minneapolis / St Paul and surrounding area - Our beautiful lakes-ridden Twin Cities metro area affords us a wonderful place to do business. With that advantage, we also enjoy a wonderful business climate. Web Design is a big part of many business ventures' success. To achieve all a business can grow into, the only way to go now is HTML5 web design. HTML5 offers beautiful movement that emulates "Flash" without offending Google with javascript that it's spiders can't read. Get all you can get out of your site w/ HTML5.

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Web Design Minneapolis / St Paul - Whether you're just now embarking on an online presence for your business career or have an existing business that needs a kick in the pants, HTML5 is your ticket to online success. Google spiders only "read" HTML scripting and disregards all other content. The trouble with this, and using other scripting because you don't care if Google can read what you present or not, is that Google takes this as though you're "trying to pull something", or put one over on Google i.e. presenting porn or something unsavory instead of what your site "should " contain. To keep Google from suspecting that your site contains undesirable content, you simply "hide" NOTHING. By using HTML5, Google doesn't "penalize" you, but rewards you for your content.  

Google algorithms supply Google with the necessary information to judge your site. It's spiders are ever-aware that there are people out there that would prefer displaying content that makes more money than what they pretend to display to the world and the spiders ...such as a "pickle slicer" site that suddenly turns into a porn portal. They do this by "hiding" their intentions via using javascript to lead you away from the "pickle slicers" and off to neverland where they can hope to sign you up to their other subscriptions, knowing all along that Google spiders can't read javascript. Google knows this and "suspects" wrong things of your site if it sees scripting it can't read, never ranking your site to the position it might deserve. Visit My Blog!

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HTML5 web design was, in essence, designed for Google. It got to where Google couldn't "read" a lot of scripting.

HTML5 is the future

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Trust Your Gut - Use What Works ...HTML5

When you have the choice to make, why wouldn't on use what works? When something works, do you "fix it" anyway? Of course not. When I say "Web Design Minneapolis", the wording entails HTML5 scripting that has NO disadvantages and displays your site content in a way that pleases all concerned. It's a "win-win" with HTML5 web design and proper White Hat SEO when the right HTML5 scripting is in place. In no time at all, you'll be enjoying the new leads and phone calls that only business owners that have HTML5 sites enjoy. It IS, after all, what we're all in it for, right? Better business and more income? You bet! So when something works, don't fix it. Have your cake 'n eat it, too with HTML5 and White Hat SEO - Call me and I'll build you one - Cities Web Design & SEO - 651-263-3220.

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Don't trust your business venture to just anyone, you'll live to regret it. Use a veteran professional.

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