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Google SEO for St Paul - Minneapolis businesses - results driven.
HTML5 web design that Google absolutely LOVES and that's where
you have to start. Just like anything else you do, you have first things
first - The HTML5 scripting makes all the difference when it's time to
proceed with the SEO - At that point, there's no stopping your new site.

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SEO Minneapolis + HTML5

Minneapolis SEO is evolving: Google is more particular than ever with what they prefer to see a website made out of these days. Flash had the movement to entertain the masses, but Google didn't like it because it is javascript driven and Google doesn't "read" javascript when determining your site's worthiness for the first page. So, how does one "appease" Google and still get the graceful movement of Flash? Voila! HTML5 is born. HTML5 was concocted with Google in mind. It matches everything Google looks for in a pristine script ...AND it can read it!

Google is, first and foremost the world's leading search engine
Yahoo is included in my list of search engines I submit to

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White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat

White Hat SEO means avoiding certain catastrophe - Not so long ago, it was possible to do things to the scripting of a web site that would put it straight to the top ...Small little things that, combined together, made the Google spiders "like" the site well enough to display it in the top 10 of search results. THIS is what's known as "Black-Hat SEO". Nowadays, Google introduces new algorithms, which is simply a mathematical equation used to attain an end result. In Google's case, these equations are the equivilent of "eyeballs" that "look" for certain things in the construction of a website that might constitute "cheating" your way to the top, instead of the site attaining top spots in the "organic", or "natural way. Google wants sites to attain their backlinks (links FROM other sites TO yours) in a natural way, via people adding you as a favorite because of the merit of your site's content and linking to your site because it's cool or because they admire your content. Black Hat SEO will get your site banished to the bowels and depths of search results, as in #300 to 400 down deep. Once they put you there, you can kiss your entire site good-by for at least 6 months. I ONLY ever perform White Hat SEO.

Google Yahoo are two of the priorities when I do search engine optimization
Bing is another search engine that I submit to and get rankings for
one hundred dollar bill
SEO champion

SEO for Services Sites

Your site might likely be a services site, such as offering a service that doesn't take you out of the Minneapolis / St Paul metro or even the surrounding area. This is where one would need a more localized SEO plan that would focus on the Twin Cities metro area for lead calls from a business website. After the housing crash of '08, SEO "marketers" came out of the woodwork, thinking their job was gone, so they would just be an SEO guy. They, and especially their "customers", that were unlucky enough to find out the hard way, found out that it just isn't as easy as all that. They would put a business owner's name on Facebook, Twitter and Manta and call it "SEO". Now, honestly, WHEN have you ever heard of someone going to Facebook looking for a carpenter, a mortgage or a new hardwood floor? They, like everyone else, go to Google. SEO is getting a business on the first page of Google ...period. If you're not on Google, you're nowhere, Mon Frere.

HTML5 Web Design and SEO  ...

You may already have a website and you just can't find anyone that's able to deliver the first page of search results, but I'm going to "assume" you're a new business owner that's at the point of getting a web presence established. With all things, there's a "first things first" way to do it. THIS is certainly something you can't do in a backwards succession. Firstly, you get a website made out of HTML5. Secondly, you get proper White Hat SEO, vs. the Black Hat SEO that's rampantly offered without disclosing their tactics. Black Hat guys don't lose anything by doing it - YOU do. You lose your site to the Google search abyss, never to be seen again. The guy that did it already got paid for what he did to your site, so, he couldn't care less. My customers have been with me for years for good reason.
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